Jack In The Box's '24 Days Of Christmas' Is Flooding With Deals

All fast food lovers have their reasons for frequenting their favorite burger joint, yet for many in the 21st century, saving money may be noted as a prime draw, especially for those savvy enough to take part in establishments' loyalty programs. Jack in the Box may not be the most profitable fast food chain in America — it can't even claim a spot on the dramatic list of fast food rivalries – yet according to The Wall Street Journal, the California-based chain has made a name for itself over the years with its decent burgers, controversial mascot, and its unassuming yet crave-worthy tacos, which to many Jack in the Box fans is the most important menu item.

Regardless of whether you go to Jack in the Box for a casual late-night "Munchie Meal" (outlined by USA Today) or simply can't look away from CBS News' latest coverage of the brand's most recent advertising controversy, you'll want to make sure you take advantage of the fast food chain's popular loyalty reward program before returning. For the holiday season, Jack in the Box is offering up a month of daily deals exclusively available to loyalty rewards members in the jolly spirit of Christmas.

'Jackmas' debuts at Jack in the Box

With all the holiday shopping and festive party-going you might have planned this month, you may want to stop at Jack in the Box for a quick meal if you're part of the chain's newly released loyalty program. QSR claims Jack in the Box debuted its interactive mobile program " The Jack Pack" in August of last year. In joining the rewards program, Jack Pack members will receive a point for every dollar spent through the mobile app. To top things off, Jack in the Box claims to have recently revamped and streamlined their mobile platform which makes online ordering, locating your nearest food stop, and delivery options even easier.

While these points are redeemable at certain times throughout the year, Jack in the Box just announced an entire month of holiday discounts the company titled "24 Days of Jackmas" available now until December 24. Businesswire notes that each day, the fast food chain will offer a special deal that lines up with popular day-themed offerings like taco Tuesday, Fry-Days, and Savings Sundays for example. In order to find out the deal of the day simply check the offers section of the Jack in the Box app. If saving money on food and drinks sounds enticing in light of the holiday season, you may want to consider if the Jack Pack rewards app may be beneficial to you and your taste buds before the end of December.