The Critical Role Ham Plays In Bobby Flay's Large-Batch Scrambled Eggs

For such a seemingly simple dish, scrambled eggs are hotly debated in the culinary realm. A quick internet search generates thousands of articles claiming to feature the "perfect" scrambled egg recipe. A variety of world-famous chefs, from Gordon Ramsey to Jacques Pépin, offer their own takes on the classic breakfast dish. With so many variations in cooking techniques and ingredients, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle — or scramble, as it may be.

Much like many of his contemporaries, Bobby Flay has his own unique spin on scrambled eggs. The restauranteur and TV show host is best known for taking classic dishes and adding surprising ingredients to elevate them to the next level. His scrambled eggs recipe is no different, which is intended to satisfy a large gathering of friends and family. While uncommon ingredients like ham are key to the recipe's success, eggs remain the real star of the show.

Why eggs are such a beloved breakfast food

According to Sauder's Eggs, many ancient civilizations included egg preparations in their morning meals. Ancient Greeks were partial to a breakfast of eggs and barley bread, with a nice flagon of wine to wash it down. As for Ancient Egyptians, the first meal of the day typically included eggs, soup, bread, and beer. The breakfast tradition continued to evolve throughout history, with eggs playing a significant role thanks to their nutritional qualities.

Healthline lists the countless essential nutrients offered by eggs, including protein, vitamins A, D, and E, calcium, folate, and many others. Making them a staple of breakfast time can help people maintain a healthy weight, as eggs make you feel fuller longer after eating. Their high portion of protein also helps fuel essential bodily functions, like building muscles and bones.  

And although Flay's scrambled eggs recipe is focused more on flavor than nutrition, you'll still reap all the nutritional benefits offered by this superfood.

How Bobby Flay takes his scrambled eggs to the next level

If you find yourself tasked with making a big breakfast for numerous loved ones one morning, it's a given that eggs will be on the menu. Fortunately, Flay has the perfect scrambled egg recipe for large groups, as featured on the Food Network. Yielding up to nine portions, the celebrity chef's technique involves a few surprising ingredients to really boost the flavor profile of the dish. 

The recipe calls for skillet-frying a ham steak and dicing it into bite-sized pieces once it's cooled down. The chef also recommends cutting six slices of 12-grain bread into crouton-sized cubes and adding them to the skillet with butter and garlic.

Once the eggs are cooked, the homemade croutons are sprinkled on top to add a bit of texture to the dish. In addition to being imbued with the flavor of the ham, they also complement the creaminess of the eggs nicely. As for the ham itself, it infuses the eggs with lots of salty, savory goodness. The recipe also includes Havarti cheese for a bit of brightness, along with a sprinkling of dill to add a slight anise-y flavor.