Barbecue Sauce Connoisseurs Tell Daily Meal What Their Favorite Brand Is - Exclusive Survey

Barbecue can take on many forms, whether it's slow-smoked Southern brisket or beef cooked Korean BBQ style, per Condé Nast Traveler. Competitions for the best barbecue happen all over the world, per BBQ Champs; what defines the most drool-worthy barbecue style is always changing.

And across the United States, various types of meat are used to make "barbecue," explains Southern Living. North Carolina has whole hog chopped pork, Texas has brisket, and iconic spots like Atlanta's Fox Bros. offer saucy BBQ ribs that fall right off the bone.

While some meat lovers are picky about the type of barbecue they're eating, many are even pickier about the sauce. "BBQ sauce" can include tomato, vinegar, mustard, or even mayonnaise as its base, explains Eater — it can be hard to choose a favorite. To narrow the playing field, Daily Meal conducted a survey to see which brand of barbecue sauce foodies prefer. 

Sweet Baby Ray's reigns supreme

According to a Daily Meal poll of 601 consumers, Sweet Baby Ray's leads the pack with 53.74% of the vote. The condiment has been in production for more than 30 years, per its website, and it's grown its selection to include more than 20 flavor options, such as buffalo, honey, and, of course, the tomato-based original. For many, the brand's motto, "the sauce is the boss," reigns true.

Next is Kraft's barbecue sauce, with 17.14% of people calling it the supreme choice. According to Kroger, the original recipe is known for its combination of smoky and sweet flavors. Coming in third is KC Masterpiece, with 14.98% of the vote. Per KC Masterpiece's website, the secret behind this sauce is the way it's made: inside a kettle cooker. 

Other runner-ups for the best barbecue sauce include Stubb's at 11.98% and Lillie's Q with 2.16%. If you're not sure what sauce to pick up for your next cookout, it sounds like you can't go wrong with Sweet Baby Ray's.