Pepsi Nutmeg Has Officially Arrived For A Limited Time

In terms of sales numbers, Coca-Cola may take the lead, but Pepsi pulls in at a close second thanks to its loyal fanbase (per Investopedia). Most people have a preference for one versus the other in terms of taste, and different flavor profiles can help pique interest in either brand.

Pepsi is no stranger to unique flavors. The cola brand has previously released a number of limited-edition drinks, like the S'mores collection, featuring Toasted Marshmallow, Chocolate, and Graham Cracker-flavored Pepsi (via CNET). There have been hundreds of Pepsi flavors created since the brand's invention, with some being exclusive to specific countries or regions. For example, the brand sells Pepsi Fire and Ice flavors, which taste like spicy cinnamon and refreshing mint, respectively, but they are only available in a select few Southeast Asian countries.

Pepsi's latest flavor, Nutmeg, utilizes a seasonal flavor in the drink, but it also draws inspiration from an exciting sporting event.

Pepsi takes information from a soccer move

Pepsi has officially announced its latest flavor, Nutmeg, over on its Twitter, just in time for the holiday season. The drink is described as having a "warm, nutty" flavor, according to Fansided. Pepsi's Senior Director of Global Marketing, Gustavo Reyna, said that Pepsi aims to push boundaries through "exciting flavor innovations."

The flavor of the drink may be derived from a popular holiday spice, but the drink also takes inspiration from a soccer (or football), move. According to The Irish Times, when a player "nutmegs," they pass the ball through an opponent's legs to continue moving it down the field on the other side. The brand even featured a number of popular players, including Leo Messi, in a commercial posted to the Pepsi YouTube channel.

The new Pepsi flavor has been released as the 2022 FIFA World Cup is taking place (via FIFA). Game s will continue through December 18. Grab a can to celebrate the sporting event before you watch the next match — but hurry, the flavor will only be here for a limited time.