One Simple Hack Makes Measuring Sticky Ingredients So Much Easier

If you find yourself cooking and baking more at home than eating out, then you're not alone. According to Bloomberg, 82% of Americans prepare and cook food at home. Through this, you're part of the majority that has direct control over what goes into your food, including your preference on the type of ingredients. This can go as far as the type of water you're using, sourcing more organic or local ingredients, and excluding any extra preservatives and unneeded chemicals.

On the other hand, cooking and baking your own food at home takes time and dedication. You may have found yourself in situations of taking on a recipe only to find it's harder than you thought it would be. And that's okay. That's why we've compiled some easy recipes for home-cooked meals that make cooking in the kitchen a breeze. Also thanks to the wide connectivity of social media, things like cooking tips, tricks, and hacks come out almost every day from both amateur and professional foodies from around the world, showing some new easy methods to help boost your confidence in the kitchen.

In the world's latest edition of kitchen hacks, there is a mind-blowing method when it comes to measuring sticky ingredients.

Oil to the rescue

If you frequent your kitchen to whip up some delicious eats and treats, then you're no stranger to having to use measuring cups. These are obviously crucial to ensure you're measuring out the specific ingredients that recipe calls for. However, what happens when the recipe calls for a cup of honey? Or, maybe even half a cup of peanut butter? Not only is this hard to measure out, but a lot of it gets stuck instead the measuring cup, making your measurement not-so-accurate.

Thanks to TikTok, there is a simple hack! Simply spraying cooking oil or even adding a little drip of flavorless oil into your measuring cup sets a light "slippery" layer into the cups (via Bigger Bolder Baking). Instead of the sticky ingredient staying on the walls of the cups, it will allow the honey, peanut butter, or whatever you're using to easily slide out. In less than 10 seconds, TikToker Arielle Lorre shows the world this easy hack, making you even more efficient prepping your ingredients and cleaning up after.

TikTok has a lot to say

With the video's text, "I was today years old," you can say that a lot of people are just learning about this stick ingredient measuring hack (via TikTok). Since being posted, the video has earned close to 32,000 likes on TikTok, sweeping the kitchen community on its feet with the newfound hack. "Mindblown! Eyeballing peanut butter because of it sticking in my measuring cup will be yesterday's problem from now on," one TikToker commented. "WHY AM I JUST SEEING THIS NOW," another shook fan said.

Another user commented on the thread saying that you can also swap water as the layer inside the measuring cup instead of oil. "You can just use water!!! Literally rinse the measuring cup then pour in your honey or whatever and comes right out," the comment said. According to House Of Treats, filling your measuring cup with hot water from the tap, pouring it out, and then scooping and measuring out your sticky ingredient will allow it to also come out easily without any residue sticking behind.