This Is How Ina Garten Perfects Tiny Roasted Peppers

Who better to get food tips from than the queen of the culinary world herself? Ina Garten is legendary for her rise as a home cook with every recipe available from a classic roasted chicken to tasty mashed potatoes. At this point, the cookbook author has Thanksgiving down to a science, with her go-to appetizer being much more simple than you'd think. According to Bon Appétit, Garten loves her delicious chipotle cheddar cracker recipe along with store-bought charcuterie items for a pre-dinner snack.

What goes better with a cheese board than roasted peppers? In an interview at the New York Times Food Festival — where Ina Garten headlined a discussion — the cook shared some kitchen tips that are exactly what we needed this season. The "Barefoot Contessa" host said that she found a lot of boards in her 13th cookbook, in which she recommends stocking up on roasted peppers, sausages, apples, and cheddar for your charcuterie. Roasted peppers can be a tough find, so Garten gave the perfect advice to make them yourself. Time to take your appetizer to the next level!

Put them on a sheet pan

At the New York Times Food Festival, Ina Garten explained exactly how she perfects tiny roasted peppers. "You just put them in a skillet or on a sheet pan. Olive oil, salt and pepper and roast and when you pick them up, the seeds will snap when you eat them," she said. The food mogul added that you don't have to peel them or take the seeds out, just roast them and you are good to go. Garten sometimes enjoys making the peppers for a meal by roasting a whole and bigger pepper.

What Garten says goes, so we are definitely utilizing this trick for our next food board. The Food Network star claimed that after cooking peppers, she enjoys making a French apple tart for dessert for "something a little special, so it doesn't feel like I've [Garten] just taken something out of a box." Our dream to go over Garten's East Hamptons house for dinner has only been solidified after hearing about that apple tart.