32% Of People Think This Is The Best Snack To Go Along With A Beer - Daily Meal Survey

Whether at a football tailgate, an outdoor festival, or even just a relaxing night at home, beer is a popular beverage choice. According to Time, a big part of what makes beer great is the community it builds. It's a drink people like to toast with, so it's usually on hand at a celebration. Compared to other liquors, it's also a good choice because of its lower alcohol content. 

Wherever you find a six-pack of beer, you can usually count on find a community of people clinking the cans together, too. That's what makes pub crawls or a trip to a local brewery so fun. But another thing you can count on to accompany beer is food. 

Food and beer go hand-in-hand, and there are plenty of guides out there on how to pair the two, per Beer Connoisseur. But despite what the experts might suggest, everyone has a preference for what snack to pair with their brew.

The best snack pairings for your brew

A Daily Meal survey of 604 consumers found that wings are the most popular snack to enjoy with a beer, coming in at 32.62%. According to beer educator Michael Agnew (via Serious Eats), if you're a fan of IPAs, buffalo wings could be a good choice for you. And for lovers of pilsners or lagers, a wing more mild in taste will compliment your beverage well. 

Next in the snack lineup comes nachos, garnering 22.02% of the votes. According to First We Feast, fans of blonde brews or lagers might enjoy a more classic nacho option with cheese and jalapeños. Ale drinkers, meanwhile, might enjoy a Tex-Mex variety best complete with a healthy serving of sour cream and guacamole. 

Coming in third place was pretzels, with 17.72% of voters choosing the iconic snack. Synonymous with beer festivals such as Munich's Oktoberfest, pretzels offer a nice salty contrast to a refreshing brew, per Hop Culture. Runner-ups for the best snack included fries with 12.09% of the vote, chips with 11.59%, and cheese with 3.97%. While everyone has a different palate, these are just a few popular choices beer lovers like to pair with their favorite brews.