Unsweetened Chocolate Can Seriously Amplify Your Next Batch Of Cookies

If you're just learning to bake, a simple chocolate chip cookie is a great place to start. But even for pro bakers, there are always ways to improve or put a twist on a batch of chocolate chip cookies. For example, mint chocolate chip cookies will satisfy Andes mint lovers while Nutella fans might prefer to munch on toasted marshmallow and Nutella chocolate chip cookies. Plus, if you're just hoping to make one portion of cookies quickly, you can even make chocolate chip cookie dough in a mug.

But there's another simple swap that will bring out different flavors in your next batch of chocolate chip cookies: try adding in handfuls of unsweetened chocolate chips or chunks. Epicurious advocates for using unsweetened dark chocolate in this double chocolate chip cookie recipe and promises that this won't turn your cookie bitter. Of course, if you like your cookies on the sweeter side, you can also use a mix of sweetened and unsweetened chocolate chunks. Here's why you should give this cookie hack a chance.

Here's how unsweetened chocolate can make your cookies even tastier

Since cookies are supposed to be sweet, it might seem counterintuitive to use unsweetened chocolate. But Epicurious explains why unsweetened chocolate works so well, saying this type of chocolate highlights "the deep, fruity, smoky flavors of the stuff, without being overshadowed by too much sugar." Basically, instead of being overwhelmed by sugar, you can focus on more subtle and interesting flavors in the chocolate.

If you want this deep flavor, unsweetened chocolate is the best way to go because replacements like cocoa butter don't work as well. According to America's Test Kitchen, an unsweetened chocolate bar has a fat content and texture that can't be achieved with unsweetened cocoa powder and butter or oil. But unsweetened cocoa powder comes in handy to make sure a cake doesn't stick — you should never use sweet cocoa powder to flour a cake pan.

Ultimately, it does make a difference whether your chocolate (or cocoa powder) is sweetened or not, so if you're baking, be sure to read the labels carefully while you're grocery shopping. Need more ways to make your chocolate chip cookies stand out? Make the best chocolate chip cookies ever with these baking hacks, or try new chocolate chip recipes beyond the cookie for an unforgettable dessert.