Stanley Tucci Celebrated His Birthday With A Wheel Of Cheese Cake

Sure, Stanley Tucci hit it big as an actor, starring in films like "The Devil Wears Prada," "The Hunger Games," and even as a voice actor in "Beauty and the Beast." Although he's certainly still quite the thespian, these days he's broken out into a different area of the mainstream as a full-fledged foodie. After all, he did build an entire docuseries, "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy", entirely around the premise of traveling around trying local foods. The show, which began its second season earlier this year, has helped to further the actor's status as something of a culinary expert, not to mention his reputation as an all-around likable guy.

Much of Tucci's food-related instincts are likely inherent, as all of his grandparents emigrated to the United States from Italy's Calabria region, Forbes reports. In fact, he even visited the area in the most recent season of "Searching for Italy." He clearly has a soft spot for Italian cuisine, however, it does appear that he prefers less conventional desserts. This was very evident when the actor celebrated his 62nd trip around the sun. No tiramisu or panettone cakes for Tucci's birthday — this guy prefers much cheesier fare!

Stanley Tucci celebrated his birthday in his own particular style

A video posted to Stanley Tucci's Instagram account with the caption "my kind of cake" shows the beloved actor holding a bouquet of birthday balloons. His wife, Felicity Blunt, carries over a platter decked out with a wheel of cheese and garnished with purple grapes as a background crowd (dare we hope that sister-in-law and fellow actor Emily was one of them?) sings "Happy Birthday." She explains to the camera that the "cake" is actually a wheel of cheese, and then Tucci inquires if it's pecorino. She then tells him it's goat cheese, saying, "It's an old goat for my old goat."

In fact, although the cheese wheel probably seems like an odd choice to many, in certain cultures cheese is the grand finale of a traditional feast. For example, the British tradition is to serve cheese post-dessert, often with a glass of port, says Good Food. However, the French, who are legendary for their love of fromage, prefer cheese directly before the sweetest course. So clearly, there's some wiggle room when it comes to cheesy etiquette.

People are eating up the video of the unconventional fete, with more than 70,000 likes and tons of comments in only three days. Many of the comments are simple "Happy Birthday" wishes from celebs like Ina Garten and Julianne Moore, however one fan said what many more were likely thinking when they commented, "Wishing you many more because we want to see more of Italy through your eyes!"