11 High-Tech Cooking Gadgets Now For The Home Cook

Not all of us can be the next Keller or Adrià, but with the right tools, we can pretend to be. In today's foodie culture, the playing field is being leveled and it's easier than ever to get professional equipment without having to step foot on the Bowery.

Though just getting an affordable, quick, and healthy meal on the table can still be a challenge for most of us, today's cooking landscape is changing. "It's about experimentation," says Harry Rosenblum of the Brooklyn Kitchen. "Whether it's making a more traditional recipe or taking an obscure ingredient and seeing what you can do with it, this is how people are approaching cooking." While being able to make your own sausage or culinary foam isn't a requirement of being a skilled cook, such culinary exploits are a form of creative expression that is now attainable for the adventurous home chef.

If you want to play in the culinary big leagues, it's time to start upping your game, which means equipping your kitchen with the tools of a professional cook. Whether your interest is in molecular gastronomy or beer making, gourmet pastries or smoked meat, there's a gadget for that, and you don't need a degree from Le Cordon Bleu to be able to learn how to use it. Even if specialized cooking techniques aren't your thing, there's room for all of us to refine our talents simply by having the tools of an expert. 

Ready to bat with the pros? Here's a list of gadgets to get you started.