11 Great Gifts for Food-Loving Valentines

Delicious, Cupid-approved gifts for every Valentine on your list

Heart-patterned pajamas. Pink and red flowers. A box of chocolates from the drugstore. If you're left feeling uninspired by the traditional Valentine's Day gifts, look no further. We've rounded up a list of eleven gift ideas to ensure that every kind of person on your list, be it your kid's teachers, single girlfriend, or a meat-eating man friend, receives a unique, Cupid-approved treat.

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With more than 58 million pounds of chocolate purchased for the holiday, there is sure to be no shortage of sweets in the house. A heart-shaped waffle iron may bring years of love to the breakfast table, but maybe isn't as fun as opening up a box of brownies, blondies, and hand-decorated cookies, each emblazoned with a phrase inspired by a conversation heart — or of your own choosing. Looking to cut down on the sweets? Consider this lima bean plant that grows to reveal an "I Love You" message within five to 10 days… and you can plant it in the garden come spring.

For the ultimate chocoholic, instead of gifting an fancy box of chocolates that could last just a few hours, whisk them away to London for a chocolate tasting adventure to see how terroir and the kind of cocoa used affects flavor and texture. Send a love letter — on a mug — to the valentine across the country (or overseas). Short on dollars but still want to impress your valentine? Skip the store-bought stuff and instead pick up some good chocolate and heavy cream to make our own. It's easier than you think with our expert tips from master chocolatier Michael Recchiuti.

Click here to see the Great Gifts for Food-Loving Valentines Slideshow.