11 Etiquette Dos and Don’ts for Picnicking in the Park

No feet near the food, thanks!

Enjoy your picnic with the help of these tips!

The warm weather brings about many fun things, but our favorite of them all is picnicking. It’s a great time to kick off your sandals or sneakers and park yourself on a blanket for an entire day of doing absolutely nothing but eating, drinking, and relaxing.

Take a Cue from These Tips on How to Have a Successful Picnic!

Now, don’t get it twisted — we’re fully supporting picnicking and all of the happiness it brings to a nice, sunny Saturday afternoon, but there are a few guidelines to abide by. We’re not going to get too strict on you, but there are just a few rules of thumb for dining alfresco in the park. A little park picnic etiquette, if you will.

To paint you a picture, here’s a peek at just a few things on our list: No one likes smelly feet, parents don’t want their kids learning new curse words, and it’s never a good idea to give a peep show to blanket after blanket of nearby picnickers.


Also, bring you’re A-game — a park on a beautiful day is a prime opportunity for mingling, if you catch our drift.