11 Dogs Who Love Food More than You Do

Check out these adorable pups who just can’t get over how great food is

Give me all the food. Omnomnomnom.

As a frequent visitor of this site, we can only assume you are as obsessed with food as we are. Like us, you are the friend everyone calls to settle the debate about the best restaurant in town and the one who recommends the best recipes to make. We know you spend hours scrolling through Pinterest for inspiring dinner party settings and are aware it probably isn’t “normal” for most people to read a cookbook cover to cover with the same fervor children read Harry Potter. We get it, you love food. But we guarantee you don’t love food as much as some of these dogs.

Puppies have the capacity to love like no other. It is unconditional and completely irrevocable. The only thing they may love more than their owner, is food. Have you ever teased a dog with a morsel of whatever you’re eating? Their big eyes grow to saucer plate size as they dreamily follow the food in hand, praying you either give in or simply drop it so they can have a taste.

While you shouldn’t really ever feed dogs “people food” we could resist posting these adorable pictures of puppies in throws of passion who are really loving the food they are eating. Scroll through our post to see some of the more adorable dog photos ever, and click through our slideshow for the foods dogs should never actually eat. After all, just because these dogs live on the edge for food, doesn’t mean your puppy should take the chance!

Drunk in Pizza
Why are you so far from me, my beloved?

(Flickr/Phil and Pam)

Nuts for Noodles
I’ll never be as happy as I am right now. Hair down, spaghetti in my teeth. #DontgiveaWOOF

(Flickr/Magnus Bråth)

Cool Puppy
OH HAI. I’m just chillin’ here with a few of my favorite things. NBD.


Ice Cream Crazy
That bone don't mean a thing, boo, it's you I want.


To the Last Drop
I just want to bathe you in my kisses.



If you aren’t going to make me anything, just take me. End it all. I am one with the oven now.


Dogs Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue
Oh mah gargleglegle, dis feels amazing!

(Flickr/Tambako the Jaguar)

I love this jar of peanut butter. What of it?

(Flickr/Jason Rust)



Cucu for Cauliflower
FOR ME?! So many feels.


Snack Attack
You cannot escape the wrath of my hunger, cracker!