You Can Rent A Shake Shack Food Truck If You Live In These States

The dread of deciding between two rivaling restaurants during a burger craving is an all-too-familiar feeling. On one end, there's Five Guys, with its free peanuts and colossal fry portions. On the other, there's Shake Shack, with its environmentally-friendly initiatives, fresh patties made from all-natural Angus beef, and a Shack Truck available to rent. 

What started as a small hot dog stand in Madison Square Park has grown into a delectable business with a market capitalization of $2.4 billion and more than 360 global locations, according to Zippia. However, compared to other fast-food restaurants, such as McDonald's or Chick-fil-A, these numbers can seem relatively low.

Take New York, for example. There are only 38 Shake Shack locations across the state, versus 595 McDonald's locations, according to ScrapeHero. This is because the company's goal was to create a space that encourages guests to stay and chat instead of the usual turn-and-burn, as reported by the Connecticut Post. Along with a beautiful interior, many Shake Shack locations also contain casual games and boast clean-cut outdoor dining areas that generate an inviting atmosphere. For these reasons, Shake Shack can seem more like a destination restaurant than a casual luncheon in some states. But with its rentable Shack Trucks, this burger mobile can bring its original ShackBurger and signature Dogs to your city. 

Where you can rent the Shack Truck

If you live in the greater Tri-state area, you're in luck. In February 2019, Shake Shack announced on Twitter that it would be going mobile in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, eastern Pennsylvania, and the Atlanta metro area. Although the Atlanta food truck location has since been removed from the company's website, there's still hope for the Shack Truck to make its way back south.

According to the Shake Shack website, the Shack Truck is available to rent for parties and private events. It features a customizable menu featuring most of its classics, including the SmokeShack, Shroom Burger, Chick'n Bites, hot dogs, and of course, its shakes.  "It's one of those things where people have always said, 'Why don't you have one? Why can't you come to my Bar Mitzvah and cook Shackburgers?'" said Randy Garutti, CEO of Shake Shack, at the time of the food truck's announcement, via Skift Table.

Food trucks have become a popular — and profitable — option for many restaurants in larger cities with high commercial real estate. Though owners still have to keep maintenance and licensing responsibilities in mind, these trucks have the potential to pull in large sums of money per month. And for Shake Shack, which started as a hot dog stand in NYC, a food truck is a return to its roots.

Shake Shack is always looking for its next destination

Although Shake Shack's Shack Truck has yet to add more stops, there's still hope for burger-loving fans. In 2021, the Shack Truck made its first West Coast visit during a surprise pop-up around Los Angeles for Labor Day weekend. And the company states that it is always looking for its next destination to visit.

Those in the greater Tri-state area looking to rent the food truck can fill out a form through the Shake Shack website. However, due to high demand, Shake Shack recommends that booking inquiries be submitted at least three weeks in advance. Pricing for the Shack Truck varies on the number of attendees, location, date, and requested menu items.

But even if the Shack Truck hasn't yet stopped by your city, don't despair. Shake Shack can still visit burger aficionados through its mobile delivery service, per Restaurant Business.