Daily Meal Survey: The Absolute Best Pumpkin Spice Treat According To Fans

Fall is upon us. While Americans layer on extra sweaters and prep their Thanksgiving grocery lists, most can safely admit they've already had their fair share of pumpkin spice treats this season. A survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, via SWNS Digital, found that 80% of surveyed Americans in 2020 loved the flavor of pumpkin spice and most wished that pumpkin-spiced products were available year-round.

Better Homes & Gardens outlines how pumpkin spice doesn't actually contain any pumpkin but is used primarily to flavor pumpkin recipes and includes a spice blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and sometimes clove. According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, via USA Today, pumpkin spice is so popular among American consumers because of the scent the blend produces, with warm and fuzzy nostalgic memories and feelings associated with the fall season.

With each passing year, pumpkin spice has only garnered more and more fans. The Guardian showcases how pumpkin spice product sales have exponentially grown 47% over the last five years. Nielsen IQ, via The Guardian, discovered that 24% more pumpkin spice products were purchased in a year-over-year analysis in the market ending July 2022. Out of all the pumpkin spice products available to make or buy, which is the best type of seasonal treat people love to consume?

Pumpkin-spiced baked goods all around

You may not be surprised to find that the pumpkin-spiced treat most people love to enjoy is baked. Better Homes & Gardens claims one of the first recipes to use a variation of pumpkin spice was found in a 1796 cookbook by Amelia Simmons where she outlined her method of making "Pompkin Pie". According to a Daily Meal survey of 582 participants, 37.63% preferred pumpkin-spiced baked goods.

In one 2020 YouGovAmerica survey, 35% of Americans looked forward to eating pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and just one search for "pumpkin" on the Food Network website produces almost 3,000 results with recipes like pumpkin tiramisu and pumpkin monkey bread with orange pumpkin glaze.

The second most popular pumpkin spice treat is coffee, procuring 177 votes. With the birth of the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte in 2004, brands like Dunkin' and Panera have taken note and the rest is history. According to ABC7 Chicago, Starbucks now roughly sells 20 million pumpkin spice lattes every year. As for the other surveyed favorites, cookies and ice cream came in third place with 66 votes each. Pancakes garnered 6.36% of voter approval while cereal and oatmeal came in last with only 17 votes. When it comes to autumnal treats, Americans prefer their morning coffee and scone combo with a hint of pumpkin spice.