All The Savory Ways To Prepare Canned Corned Beef

A pantry stocked with a wide variety of dry and canned goods is a happy one. When you don't have the time to run to the supermarket and scoop up something fresh for dinner, those cans come in super handy. Just break a few of them open and, with a bit of effort, you can whip up some kind of a meal in no time at all. Sure, it may not feel nearly as fancy as breaking out the skillets and putting in some oven work, but it will get you the sort of filling meal that hectic days and busy evenings require.

Surely one of the stars of a nicely curated pantry is corned beef. Corned beef is one of those proteins that only pokes its head up around St. Patrick's Day, but it's a fantastically savory and versatile meat that belongs on your plate all year round. Now, to be realistic, we know that canned corned beef doesn't look quite like those rich juicy slices you may enjoy on the holiday, but the flavor is much the same. What's more, that convenience simply can't be beaten. 

So, if you have some canned corned beef on hand, perhaps it's time to explore some super simple recipes. You'll quickly realize There's a whole world of canned corned beef recipes out there that will wow diners and make your tastebuds happy. Here are all the savory ways to prepare it.

Corned beef hash

Corned beef hash is a staple meal at diners all over the nation, and for good reason. Crispy, savory hash is a great accompaniment to so many different breakfast foods, for one, playing well with eggs, toast, and a good cup of coffee. But why let line cooks have all the fun? You should be making it at home using canned corn beef.

For at-home corned beef hash, you'll need a can of corned beef, diced potatoes, onions, three or four eggs, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, paprika, parsley, salt, and pepper. First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Then, saute the onions in a cast iron or another oven-safe pan, until they become soft and slightly translucent. Next, add the garlic, paprika, and a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce to the pan.

Then, add the potatoes to the mix, along with a generous amount of salt and pepper. Fry it all for a few minutes. Now, pop some cubes of canned corned beef into the pan and press everything down with a spatula so that the whole mass gets crispy on the bottom, then flip. As the other side crisps up, crack your eggs and put them on the hash. Put the pan in the oven to cook the eggs. Sprinkle with parsley before serving.

Bully beef sandwiches

What the heck is bully beef? Is it beef that picks on other smaller meat? Of course not! Bully beef is simply how Jamaicans refer to canned corned beef, as per So, a bully beef sandwich is simply one that is chock-full of that delicious canned corned beef. To make one of these savory handheld meals, you need just a few ingredients that may already be waiting for you in your kitchen. Those would be canned corned beef, a white onion, a can of diced tomatoes, garlic, and ketchup. This may be a simple list, but we assure you that it yields a supremely yummy meal.

Start by sauteing the diced onions, tomatoes, and garlic in a skillet. Once the veggies soften, add the corned beef and break it apart with a spatula. Give the mixture a few minutes in the heat until it all starts to caramelize. Once that's happened, add in the ketchup and give it a couple more minutes to warm up. All that's left is to grab a couple of slices of your favorite bread and pile the corned beef on. If you're a mustard enthusiast, a little smear of the condiment will give the sandwich extra flavor and a bite of acidity.

Filipino-style corned beef

What foodie doesn't love exploring the cuisine of other cultures to discover new-to-them dishes that they can make themselves? Well, if you've ever wanted to dive head-first into the wonderland of Filipino cuisine, then kick off your morning (or any other time of day) with this Filipino-style canned corned beef. To make it you'll need just a few basic ingredients, namely: canned corned beef, diced potatoes, diced white onion, minced garlic, halved cherry tomatoes, salt, and pepper.

Start by sauteing the potatoes until they soften, then add in the onions and cook both veggies for a few minutes until the onions become fragrant. Once the pan gives off that lovely oniony smell, add the halved cherry tomatoes and cook until they begin to release all their juices, too. 

Finally, toss in the corned beef and saute the whole thing until the meat cooks and all the veggies have been cooked to a perfect texture. Add salt and some freshly-cracked black pepper to taste, then sit down to enjoy the flavors of this Philippines-inspired meal.

Canned corned beef and cabbage

You can't talk about St. Patrick's Day without mentioning the classic combo of corned beef and cabbage. For some diners, this is the one day of the year that they will indulge in corned beef. But there's no reason to restrict yourself to enjoy this meal on a single day in March. If you're looking to enjoy a corned beef and cabbage meal any time of the year, make it simple by using canned corned beef. To make it, simply snag yourself some corned beef in a can, along with four strips of bacon, half of a cabbage that's been coarsely chopped, butter, salt, and pepper. Then, it's off to the races.

Start by cooking the bacon until it's almost entirely crisp. Set the strips aside for the moment and start cooking down the cabbage in a large pan with a few tablespoons of butter and a dash of water to keep things from burning. While the cabbage cooks, cut the bacon into small pieces. Then, add the diced bacon and canned corned beef to the cabbage and cook it all until you reach your desired doneness. The only thing left is to enjoy!

Corned beef hash quiche

If you want to kick your day off properly with a good breakfast, it's hard to go wrong with quiche. You can add so many different veggies and meats to it that you'll be dizzied by the many delicious quiche variations. If you have some canned corned beef lying around, you can bet your bottom dollar that there's a savory quiche just waiting to be made with that pantry staple. 

To make your corned beef quiche, first, assemble your ingredients. You'll need that corned beef, as well as a prepared pie crust, 1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese, minced onions and garlic, five eggs, a quarter cup heavy cream, a quarter cup of milk, and pepper.

After preheating your oven to 425 degrees, mix the corned beef, eggs, onions, garlic, milk, cream, cheese, and pepper in a bowl. Pour the bowl's contents into the pie crust. Pop that bad boy in the oven for about an hour, keeping an eye on it towards the end to make sure that you don't overcook things. According to the American Egg Board, a knife inserted midway should come out clean. Be sure to take it out of the oven before the center is fully set, too, as the residual heat will keep things cooking for a few minutes more.

Corned beef sloppy joes

There are certain times when eating with decorum is necessary, but there are others when you just have to dive into your meal and throw all caution — and neatness —- to the wind. There are simply times when no amount of mess will put a halt to your eating progress, and that's a beautiful thing. 

To that end, few meals are as deliciously messy as sloppy joes. However, the sloppy joe game gets kicked up a few notches when you combine canned corned beef with the regular ground beef that forms the bulk of many a sloppy joe. Get ready for a zestier version of your favorite messy sandwich, taking cues from our standard old-fashioned sloppy joe recipe.

Start by browning ground beef in a skillet. While it cooks, stir in canned corned beef. For some extra flavor, we recommend adding in some diced onion here, as well as diced celery. Once the veggies become soft, add the contents of the skillet into a crock pot. Then, stir in the ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and brown sugar. You may also want to add in a dash of chili powder or some diced green onion. The whole concoction will simmer for around three hours on low heat. Once it's ready, grab a bun and start eating!

Corned beef stew

When Old Man Winter shows his frigid face and chills you to the bone, there are few better meals to eat than a hot bowl of stew. Why not add corned beef to the mix? For a meal that makes you forget about the blustery, freezing discomfort happening outside, all you need is a couple of cups of water, some canned corned beef, diced carrots, onions, and potatoes.

The first step is to get your water boiling in a deep pot or Dutch oven. Then, add all of the diced veggies to the pot. This will cool the water down a bit, so let the water reach a boil again before adding the corned beef. Then, stir it around until the meat breaks up. Taste it occasionally to make sure the broth is flavored by the corned beef, adding salt and pepper as needed. Once it's rich and savory, serve and enjoy.

Corned beef cottage pie

This awesome dish is a delicious marriage between shepherd's pie and corned beef hash. For the record, it's cottage pie if the dish contains beef and shepherd's pie if it contains lamb or mutton. For this dish, we'll riff on a classic shepherd's pie recipe. you'll need a pound of mashed potatoes, diced onion, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, chicken broth, parsley, thyme, and canned corned beef.

Start by preheating your oven to 400 degrees. To make the cottage pie filling, grab a skillet and cook down the onions until they become fragrant and slightly translucent. Then, add the Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, chicken broth, parsley, and thyme. Once the broth reduces by half, add the corned beef and let the whole thing simmer until there's almost no liquid left. 

Spoon the contents of the skillet into a baking dish and top it off with a hearty serving of mashed potatoes. If cheese and breadcrumbs are your things, you can add them here. Let it bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until the top is nicely browned.

Corned beef burrito

If you're a fan of Mexican cuisine, then you probably love a good burrito. It doesn't matter what kind of veggies or meat you roll up in a tortilla: the result is always pretty darn delicious. You might not have come across corned beef-stuffed burritos before, but this variation on a beloved classic makes it happen. Grab some canned corned beef, cooked white rice, red onion, diced jalapeno, avocado, thyme, and ketchup.

Grab yourself a skillet to cook the diced jalapeno, onions, and thyme in a bit of oil until fragrant. Then, add in the corned beef and ketchup and stir the mixture until the corned beef is thoroughly warm. Finally, lay down a warm tortilla and spoon the contents of the skillet in the middle, along with some rice and slices of avocado. If you want some spice, add on your favorite zesty salsa.

Corned beef spaghetti

When it comes to cooking, many people prefer making a super simple meal. Not everyone has the desire to become a Michelin-rated home cook, after all, and we assure you that keeping meals easy is okay. We all know that just because something is simple doesn't mean it won't taste just as awesome as an intricately crafted meal. With that in mind, know that corned beef spaghetti is one of the easiest dishes you can make using canned corned beef. To make it, you'll need corned beef, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, minced garlic, and diced onion.

In a skillet, cook the garlic, onions, and corned beef in oil until the meat is warm and the onions are translucent. Get the pasta boiling in a different pot, then add the spaghetti sauce into the skillet and let it simmer. Once the pasta is done, drain it and add the sauce.

Corned beef casserole

When it's time for your appetite to jump into something delicious, there's only one way to roll: casserole. If you have some canned corn beef available then all you need is a few more ingredients to whip up a super savory casserole. Along with the corned beef, you'll need potatoes (sliced thin), diced onion, cabbage, a quarter cup of milk, a teaspoon of dry mustard, and a can of cream of celery soup.

First, mix the cream of celery soup with milk and mustard. Grab yourself a casserole dish and layer the bottom with some of the thinly sliced potatoes. Then, hit them with salt and pepper and scatter the diced onion all over. Then add the chopped cabbage, followed by the canned corned beef. You're almost there! Finally, layer the top of the dish with the rest of the sliced potatoes, and then pour the soup mixture on top. Bake the dish for an hour and a half at 375 degrees.

Corned beef waffles

If you ever had fried chicken and waffles, then you already know that it's a delicious combination. The salty richness of the fried chicken goes perfectly with the fluffy syrup-covered waffle for a sweet and savory treat. Well, corned beef pairs just as well with waffles. You'll need two eggs, 3/4 cup of milk, one cup of all-purpose flour, 1/4 cup of cooking oil, a pinch of salt, one teaspoon of baking powder, and a can of corned beef. Of course, you'll need a waffle iron.

Start by making the waffle batter. In a mixing bowl, combine the eggs, milk, and cooking oil. Separately, combine the flour, baking soda, and salt. Add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture, then stir until just combined. Once the batter is done, stir in the corned beef until it's evenly distributed. Don't overmix, lest you get tough waffles. Cook on the waffle iron until golden brown.

Corned beef dip

No matter what time of day or year, you really can't go wrong with chips and dip. Scooping a delicious dip onto a crispy salty chip is both a textural and flavor-packed win. So, if you enjoy the taste of corned beef, why not make an awesome dip out of it? It's super easy to make and if you invite some friends over to share, they'll ask you for the recipe before they leave.

All you need is three simple ingredients and you're ready to rock and roll the chips-and-dip way. Grab your canned corned beef, an envelope of dry onion soup mix, and a 16-ounce container of sour cream. Combine all three ingredients in one bowl and once they're mixed thoroughly let them chill for an hour. Now, call up your buddies and tell them you have a savory surprise that's eagerly awaiting their appetites.

Corned beef and Swiss cheese bites

When it's time to throw a party, everyone loves the person who shows up with a deliciously unique party treat. That's exactly what you get when you make these corned beef and Swiss cheese bites. The only downside about these is that they don't last forever. To make them, you need slices of rye bread, a package of softened cream cheese, Dijon mustard, shredded Swiss cheese, chopped green onions, and, of course, a can of corned beef.

First, lightly brown the slices of bread in the oven under the broiler. Then, mix the cream cheese, mustard, chopped green onion, shredded Swiss, and corned beef. Slather the toasted bread with a nice, thick layer of the cream cheese blend. Place the slices in the oven a second time and broil until the tops are slightly brown. Serve and accept your crown as Ruler of Party Treats.