Plant-Based Protein Fans Will Love Beyond Meat's Newest Invention

All good things come to those who wait. For those that have been vegan for over a decade, you might know what we're talking about. According to The Guardian, before veganism's mainstream presence over the last few years, many people saw the diet choice as unnecessary or even unhealthy, worrying those that partook would be missing out on key nutrients. As years have passed, that stigma has changed as many have become more educated on vegan culture. Now, it's safe to say that veganism is mainstream.

With the widespread acceptance of veganism in society, many different vegan brands have sprouted up into the limelight. Out of the whole lineup of food producers, Beyond Meat has become one of the biggest of these names. While other brands opt to craft ready-to-eat meals and ingredients free of any animal products, Beyond Meat has been offering a meat alternative since 2009, per The New York Times. The Los Angeles-based company offers anything from affordable plant-based burger patties to vegan beef, sweet sausage crumbles, and chicken, per Beyond Meat. For fans of these Beyond Meat products, get excited. There's a new player entering the game. 

Say hello to this delicious new Beyond plant-based meat

For those that have been craving the taste of a tender carne asada dish, the wait is no more. According to CNN, Beyond Meat just rolled out a brand-new meat alternative: Beyond Steak. This new offering by Beyond Meat touts 21 grams of protein per serving and mimics the consistency of traditional meat, per CNBC. The new Beyond Steak is sold sliced in 10-ounce packages for $7.99 and uses faba bean protein as its base. In addition, this vegan steak has lower saturated fat than regular beef and it also has no cholesterol, says CNBC. 

The debut of Beyond Steak began on October 24 according to CNBC, so if you'd like to get a taste of the new product, you can head to a Kroger or Walmart near you today. The substitute meat will also be available at other select retailers around the country such as Albertsons and Sprouts. While this is the first substitute steak offering from Beyond Meat directly, Taco Bell recently unveiled its own Beyond Carne Asada in September, per Taco Bell. While there's currently a limited offering for substitute steak, it might be safe to say that the options are growing fast.