The KitKat Flavor Inspired By A French Dessert

KitKat has always been the adventurous type. Not every candy bar is as well-traveled as the one that promises to "Give You A Break," with Nestlé claiming its availability in over 80 countries. It has embraced two different shapes, standard and chunky. And few bars have dabbled in as many flavors as KitKat's four-sticked variety. Chatelaine, alone, lists 18 of these offbeat offerings including baked potato, wine, roasted tea, and cough syrup. Yes, you read that correctly. Cough syrup. 

The folks at Nestlé have also created their own KitKat renditions of popular desserts. According to Mental Floss, interpretations of apple pie, strawberry cheesecake, and pumpkin pudding have all made their way to store shelves. KitKat has also tackled the seemingly impossible, entering the domain of fine French cuisine with its own take on a beloved dessert. Hm. What French dessert could it be? Crème brûlée, petit fours, chocolate ganache, or profiteroles, perhaps? Chocolate lovers and Francophiles, alike, demand to know what French gourmandise had received the candy bar treatment. 

The Mont Blanc is the most well-known chestnut dessert

Meet the French-born Mont Blanc. While most Americans have never heard of this confection, its name comes from the Alpine mountain, Mont Blanc. Taste Atlas shares that the dessert's shape and a snow-like sprinkling of sugar, apparently, resemble the peak, earning it this moniker. Believed to be the best-known chestnut dessert, The Hungry Bites describes the Mont Blanc as "a thin tart base which is topped with a dome of whipped cream and then covered by chestnut puree in the form of thin vermicelli." Hugely popular in France and Switzerland, this unique treat has also gained a massive following in Japan — which brings us back to the KitKat and another unusual addition to the long list of KitKat flavors.  

When KitKat released its Mont Blanc version in Japan, it caused a bit of a stir. After all, Taste magazine reveals that despite the fact that this dessert has been in France since the 1600s, it is actually more popular in Japan. Surely, Japanese Mont Blanc devotees across the country were excited to try this new offering, but what does it taste like? 

This KitKat flavor received mixed reviews

Can a candy bar truly capture the essence of a celebrated French dessert? When As Seen In Japan got their paws on a Mont Blanc KitKat, the self-professed fan of all things Mont Blanc confessed that "taste-testing KitKat's offering was of the utmost importance." While they confessed it was softer and thicker than the typical KitKat, they added that it was rightfully "sugary and sweet" and that the coating had a "smooth, buttery feel." The bottom line was that they felt this flavor should be in the KitKat hall of fame (if there was one). 

Japanese Snack Reviews, however, was not a fan. They cited a fake caramel taste, lack of "depth of flavor," and an over-the-top sweetness as the biggest problems, adding that they would never purchase the Mont Blanc KitKat again. Perhaps, a tie-breaker is required. When Jenny Rice reviewed this product on YouTube, she called it "creamy" and "coffee-ish," saying she would recommend it. 

Whether or not you enjoy this take on this unique French dessert, it's hard not to wonder what off-the-wall flavor the beloved KitKat bar will introduce next.