The 7 Healthiest Candy Bars

That bag of Halloween candy is just sitting there, taunting you, somehow still filled to the brim with tasty treats just calling your name. But you know the second you succumb to temptation, any hopes you had of maintaining a healthy diet throughout the challenging holiday season will disappear. On the other hand, all of that candy isn't going to eat itself...

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Instead of denying yourself all of the joys of leftover candy, maybe it is time to dig through the bag for a perfect find. We're not talking about your absolute favorite indulgence. What we mean is that you can indulge in some of the treats you love while staying on track. While you are rooting through that candy bag, there are certain candies you should be on the lookout for that are the healthiest choices for a little dessert indulgence. For instance, did you know that you can snack on 5 mini KitKat bars without breaking the diet bank? Go ahead and sneak a Hershey's Air Delight if you need a fix of chocolate, after all it won't cost you as many calories as some of the other treats in that Halloween bag.

To see some of the others in the  seven of the healthiest candy bar options, click through the slideshow to fine ones that will curb your appetite for sweets without taking you off your healthy path.