The State With The Most Publix Locations

With 63,328 businesses making up the grocery industry in the U.S. per IBISWorld, there's clearly no shortage of supermarkets for American shoppers. From European-born chains like Aldi to the trusty presence of a Walmart no matter where you are, there's a place for just about anything on your grocery list. Whether you're looking for more affordable options, a local hole-in-the-wall, or something with plenty of organic produce, you can be pretty sure that your desired market exists. 

Although there are debates about which grocery store is the best, Publix has shot to the top of many of those rankings in recent years, says The Ledger

The supermarket chain recently came out on top of many of Forbes' own best-of lists for its customer service and social responsibility and has become a popular destination for anyone with a need for groceries, via Forbes. Despite its popularity, the chain isn't everywhere yet. But there is one place in particular that packs a true surplus of Publix locations.  

What's all the fuss about Publix anyway?

If you don't live in the Southeast, you might not be familiar with the lure of Publix. Why do some people consider it the best grocery store? Well, it could be the chain's tradition of southern hospitality that keeps shoppers coming back, says Insider.

Some other reasons for Publix's desirability could be straight out of its mission statement. Per Publix, the chain stresses both its strong intolerance toward food waste and its drive to interact with the local community as two of its five commitments. Publix is a fully employee-owned company, which is the largest in the U.S. and has even landed itself a spot on the 100 Best Big Companies to Work For list, according to Fortune.  

That's just to name a few of Publix's draws for consumers. And with all its positive qualities, it's safe to say that we're jealous of the state that has the luxury of housing most of the company's locations.

The southern state that Publix loves best

According to Publix, Florida takes the cake as the state with the most Publix locations with a whopping 839 stores open in the region. Compare this to Georgia in second place with 197 stores and you'll see why that's a big deal. 

Per The Ledger, Florida houses more than half of Publix's locations. In addition to the stores open in the region, most of Publix's distribution centers and manufacturing plants are also based out of the Sunshine State. Publix announced that more locations are popping up all over the Southeast every day, and many of them are slated to be built in Florida. 

For those that live outside of Publix's range, we know you might be anxiously awaiting the chain's inevitable arrival. But if you can't wait, maybe it's time to make a road trip to a location near you to see if it's all worth the hype.