How One Man Ended Up Marrying A Hard MTN Dew

As the old adage goes: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. In the land of Sin City almost anything can happen — at least that's what we've gathered from "The Hangover" – but for the most part, you can trust it won't leave city lines. That is, of course, unless you marry someone while you're there. 

Las Vegas is far from an uncommon place for these ceremonies to happen. Celebrities Lily Allen and David Harbour tied the knot there in 2020 and their ceremony was officiated by an Elvis impersonator, per People. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker also exchanged vows in Vegas this April, according to Vogue, and yet again, an Elvis impersonator was involved.

The lure of a Vegas wedding makes sense and according to Business Insider a whole lot of people make the trek every year to make it happen, celebrity or not. According to Food & Wine, a man from Indiana recently made the trip. His partner-to-be? A can of Hard Mtn Dew.

Why this man decided to marry a beverage

Now, is Indiana-based Thomas Rank now happily married to a tall boy of original flavor Hard Mtn Dew? In short, no. Here's the real story. According to Food & Wine, the Boston Beer Company produces the PepsiCo-owned hard Mtn Dew product. VinePair reports that the company had a contest in August where one lucky fan could marry a can of hard soda in Las Vegas. Rank knew it had to be him. So on October 5, he flew out to Nevada, walked down the aisle of the Little Vegas Chapel, and read his vows. The officiant then pronounced the pair "fan and can" and the audience cheered as Rank cracked open his soda. 

In addition to the fake ceremony, Rank received a three-day stay in a Las Vegas suite, a reception at a club, and $1,000 in spending money. So in the end, this was all a big marketing ploy by the Boston Beer Company, not to mention a very unique all-expenses-paid trip for Rank). But was true love found really found along the way? In a post-wedding interview with Food & Wine, Rank revealed his favorite flavor of the Hard Mtn Dew is actually cherry, not original. So it looks like there may already be some trouble in paradise.