The Secret Ingredients In Disney World's Famous Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is one of those foods that can transport you back to your childhood kitchen or school cafeteria, triggering happy lunch memories with your family or friends. Or maybe you make a grilled cheese for yourself now as an adult — nothing wrong with that! After all, with the crispy and buttery bread, delicious oozy cheese, and that salty flavor, why wouldn't you eat these sandwiches at any given meal?

Many other restaurants around the U.S., including Disney park eateries, understand this logic. In particular, it's the reason why you'll see grilled cheese on adult menus at Disney World, Disneyland, or any other Disney-themed amusement park. Woody's Lunch Box at Toy Story Land — located in Hollywood Studios near Orlando — is one such Disney dining spot, as one of their entrée options is their famous grilled three-cheese sandwich. If you've tried their riff on grilled cheese before, you might already know how delectable it is. But you probably don't know the secret ingredients that contribute to its irresistible flavor. (Hint: we do!)

You can make Woody's grilled cheese at home

Whether or not you've had Disney's famous grilled cheese sandwich served at Woody's Lunch Box (pictured above), you certainly don't have to plan a trip to Hollywood Studios to eat one. Instead, you can make a few sandwiches yourself at home for a fraction of the cost in about 10 minutes. Not only that, but the secret ingredients that make it so delectable are most likely available at the closest grocery store near you.

So what are the secret ingredients? In addition to the ingredients listed on the menu—melted provolone, cheddar, and American cheese—you'll want to add cream cheese spread and garlic spread, according to the Disney Parks Blog. (For the record, the former is combined with all the aforementioned cheeses, among other ingredients like heavy cream and salt; the latter is mixed together with mayonnaise and salt.) Per the post, the recipe also calls for sourdough bread, but you can use ciabatta, focaccia, or any other bread of your choice. After all, with Disney's famous sandwich's secret ingredients already in hand, you can't go wrong!