101 Best Chicken Recipes

How many times do you eat chicken a week? Assuming you're not a vegetarian, count the chicken in your tossed salad, the crispy chicken fingers that you snacked on, and the warm chicken in your soothing noodle soup. You probably now realize that you eat chicken more than you think. From breasts and thighs to legs and wings, chicken is one of the most popular and versatile ingredients available. The inexpensive protein is a dinner, lunch, and snack time favorite that is eaten in different recipes across many cultures. Plus, it can be a healthy meal option, as well. With respect for cooks everywhere searching for easy-weeknight meals and simply for the love of chicken, The Daily Meal has compiled a list of 101 chicken recipes for your cooking (and feasting) pleasure.

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So, who are you calling a chicken? Quick and satisfying meals can be made in a snap with chicken as the main ingredient — and it's far from taking the easy way out. In other words, you don't need to slave over the stove creating coq au vin to feel like an established cook — and get dinner on the table. Try some of these quick and simple chicken recipes for easy dinner recipes that your whole family will enjoy. Think chicken casseroles, crock-pot chicken recipes, and hearty chicken pot-pie recipes just to name a few go-to quick and hearty dinner ideas.

Chicken is praised by nutritionists everywhere for its lean, white meat. When prepared in certain ways like baked, grilled, and simply roasted, chicken can be a healthy addition to any meal. In our list, we've added some healthy baked chicken recipes, spicy grilled chicken breasts, and included some satisfying chicken salad recipes. As far as which is healthier, dark meat or white meat, it's best to eat a combination of the two. White meat has lower calories while dark meat has more essential nutrients and vitamins. Why not roast a whole chicken and shred the white and dark meat and add it to a simple white chili?

Although chicken burgers and crispy fried chicken are American favorites, there are plenty of dishes from other cultures that use chicken in fantastic ways. Take chicken enchiladas or curried chicken for example. Mexican and Indian flavors are infused into the chicken creating a dish that makes you feel as though you're transported to a different city. Still have the travel bug? We've also rounded up some Asian inspired chicken dishes with ginger, sesame, and orange glazes. There are also classic Italian dishes like lasagna and manicotti that are given a new twist with chicken. Chicken has even hit fusion cuisine with force with items like Thai chicken pizza.

So, whether you are in the mood for something simple or are feeling adventurous and want to explore other flavor profiles, chicken is such a versatile ingredient that it can be incorporated into whatever you're making. Not to mention, it's a healthy and lean protein that can leave you satisfies and your waistline in check. And kids aren't immune to the chicken phenomenon either. With after school snacks like chicken nachos and baked chicken tenders, kids will easily swap these out for chips and cookies. So, take a peek at these 101 recipes, and yes, scroll to the end because you won't want to miss a single recipe. Your search for the perfect chicken recipe is over. Take a look at this plethora of chicken recipes and make them your new favorites.    

Emily Jacobs contributed to this story.