100-Calorie Snacks That Aren't Snack Packs

One hundred calories. It's just three words, but many of us feel better snacking on something that has that on its nutritional label — it's built-in portion control. That's why we buy so many boxes of those over-processed, boring snack packs with "100 Calories" stamped right on the package, because when it's only that many calories or less, we feel better about our diet and health.

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Unfortunately, we're often less certain about calorie counts when it comes to eating wholesome, unprocessed, and all-natural foods. When you open a carton of almonds, do you really know when to stop yourself from breaching your safe limit? And how many spoonfuls of hummus can you safely have before it actually starts doing you more harm than good?

We all know certain types of food are better than others, but when we're counting calories or on strict diets, it's hard to quantify those healthy foods. Registered dietician Samantha Lynch understands these snacking woes, because through all of her counseling with everyone from athletes and celebrities to everyday people out of her practice in New York City, she has realized that just telling someone something is healthy isn't enough.

Because we're a little tired of snacking on just five Oreo thin crisps or three Wheat Thins from those store-bought 100-calorie packs, we asked Lynch to give us a list of 100-calorie snacks that we could enjoy without losing our wits. We have everything from fruits and nuts to vegetables and cheeses on this list, and not only are they 100 calories or less, but they're delicious, too.

"These 100-calorie snacks are full of nutrients and flavor to keep you energized without sacrificing your weight goals. They all contain healthy fats, fiber, and protein, [which are] the three components that regulate blood sugar, help you stay satiated, and to keep [your] metabolism running efficiently," she says.

Snacking is an essential part of some of our routines that help us stay energetic and sane until the next meal, so here are 10 healthy, all natural snacks that are 100 calories or less.  

Anne Dolce is the Cook editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce