10 Unusual Wedding Cakes

He has popped the question and you've said yes. The date has been set and you've secured a location. But have you thought about what kind of wedding cake you would like?

While the options for wedding cakes are nearly limitless, the process of picking out the cake should be enjoyable for a bride and groom. What could be more fun or delicious than sampling a variety of different cake flavors and fillings? (And, as cakes are ordered typically six months before the big day, there is no need to worry about a bit of cake derailing your efforts to fit into the dress.)

When choosing a wedding cake, the design is often inspired by the bride and groom's personalities or the style of the wedding — layer cakes are no longer the norm. We've found ten statement-making cakes that will certainly catch your guests' eyes. 

Like the layered look, but want something jazzier? Use a more unexpected flavor for the cake itself, like mojito or Irish cream. If you want something more unique, why not have a cake made of doughnuts, or one that appears to be being eaten by dinosaurs? Or, do as one couple did and avoid the layer cake all together instead opting for a log-shaped cake topped by two birds in love.

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