10 Tips For Throwing A Fabulous Party On A Budget

As any seasoned host knows, throwing a party, a real party, takes a lot of time and energy. There is the planning, the cooking, the ambiance, and then the cleanup and post-party tasks. For some, throwing a party seems to cost a lot of money, too — maybe you've gotten those credit card bills and thought, "Wait, I spent how much at Crate & Barrel on glasses, candles, and that darn truffle-something sauce?" But a great party and a credit card limit upwards of $1,000 need not go hand in hand. All it takes is some smart decision making, aided by our tips below.

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There is a long checklist of seemingly necessary items that are common to any kind of large gathering. Be it a holiday party or a themed extravaganza, there are staples you need... napkins, music, invitations, and food. But just because you have four wine glasses, and are expecting eight, doesn't mean you must spend your hard-earned cash on four more glasses (unless you want to).

There are plenty of ways to DIY and cut a corner or two. Take for instance, replacing those invitations with evites, or using your real dinnerware instead of the paper plates. (Any good guest will help you do dishes — we promise!) Even with Wall Street occupied and the price of gas fluctuating, you still reserve the right to party. And even more importantly, to do it with class for less. We'll show you how.

Click Here for the 10 Tips for Throwing a Fabulous Party on a Budget Slideshow.