10 Technicolor Wedding Cakes

Forget the white frosting and consider bringing color back into your cake!

These bright and sassy cakes are perfect for a couple with style!

Tradition portrays wedding cakes as three-tired, bright white confection towers with little to no color. We may have them piped to perfection with interesting patterns and ornate flowers, but no matter how much decoration we give them, without a plop of color cakes can look, well, rather boring. Sure, they have beautiful, soft etching or dainty strings of frosting pearls, but they don’t always come to life without that little extra boost. Put a splash of yellow here and hint of blue there and suddenly, your whole cake has a breath of fresh air washed all over it.

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If a splash of color can make your cake come alive, imagine what an entirely bright cake can do! So many couples are ditching white frosted cakes in favor of beautiful, vibrant confections.

And we aren't talking about just a pretty accented colored flower here and there. We mean a full-blown confectionary ode to the colors of the rainbow. Ranging from soft pastel colors to wild neon hues, cakes are stepping out and aren’t afraid to show it.


We rounded up some of the most beautiful, vibrant cakes around that truly show off what it means to bright and sassy. Check out our accompanying slideshow to see the colors of the rainbow, via cake!