10 Surprising Foods That Are Good For Your Health

During the holiday season, we are all guilty of indulging in extra helpings and nibbling a bit more than usual at parties and gatherings. But throughout the season, maintaining a healthy diet and choosing the right kinds of foods is key to staying fit.

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We've rounded up a few surprising foods that are not only good for your health, but tasty, too — and will have you coming back for (healthy) seconds.  We spoke with nutritionist Deborah Enos, who gave us her tips for eating right this holiday season without sacrificing on flavor.

Her surprising food choices like potatoes and dark poultry meat are bound to be part of your holiday menu. Follow her tips to get the most out of each ingredient. She also offers healthy appetizer items that are just as delicious as they are good for you. And you won't have any trouble saying yes to one surprising ingredient, full-fat salad dressing, but follow her tips to make sure to use the best.

So, this holiday season make sure you are incorporating some of these foods into your menus. Check out these tips from Enos and stay fit and healthy this holiday.

Emily Jacobs is the Recipe editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyRecipes.