10 Snacks To Keep At Your Desk

You remember recess, right? After painful hours of spelling lessons and confusing geometry, you all but shot out of your seat to eat the snack your mom packed for you or to dig out a quarter to buy a soft pretzel. Despite the fact that you spent the last 15 minutes running around the schoolyard like a man who hadn't seen the sun in years, you went back to your desk focused and ready to finish out the morning. Recess wasn't just a merciful gesture that your teachers bestowed on the class; it was a chance to refuel, so to speak. So, why has "snack time" gone out the window in adulthood?

Even with a good night's sleep and breakfast, you may find your head start to dip in and out of consciousness before or after lunch. Though your body cries for fuel to burn, you're hesitant to saunter over to that god-awful vending machine loaded with sugary, fatty aberrations disguised as snacks. Don't settle for diet-busting foods; instead, pack a snack with some punch. 

There are plenty of foods out there for your body to quickly process as usable energy that you can easily tote to work and stash in your cabinet or in the office refrigerator. Keeping these near your desk will not only satisfy your hunger, but it will keep you focused and ready to seize the afternoon when motivation is scarce.

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