10 Hottest Celebrity Costumes

There is a universal appeal to Halloween. What's not to love with all the sweet candy being handed out everywhere, and the opportunity to, for just a night, pretend that you're someone else — be it scary, sweet, or sexy — like Tori Spelling did in 2010, dressed as a brilliant peacock bedecked in colorful plumage for the annual Dream Halloween party in LA.

With Halloween just days away, most have their costume in hand, or at least planned. Then there are those, like me, who always wait in an indecisive quandary until the 11th hour, debating between the ever-popular witch, sexy devil, or predictable clown. Not this year. Instead of the same-old, plain-Jane, conservative outfit, live a little (and show some skin) and be inspired by some of these amazing costumes from famous faces from around the country.

While Heidi Klum's sexy, purple glittered superhero costume from last year might be a little too much to pull off for the average person (with a budget more like $100 than $1,000), Gossip Girl's Blake Lively's leg-baring captain's costume isn't — all you need is a black wig and some serious short-shorts. Or, bring history back to life, as Victoria's Secret model Petra Nemcova did in 2010, baring a lot more skin than the real Queen of the Nile did when she appeared at Roberto Cavalli's Giuseppe Cipriani's 2010 Halloween bash. Don't worry, we didn't forget the guys. Admit it: You know you have you always wanted to save a damsel in distress, and show off that rock-hard set of washboard abs in a skin-tight spandex get-up — just like Will Ferrell. (And you thought you saw enough of him in Old School.) He makes a pretty good-looking Megamind, even with a head four times bigger than normal. And don't forget NBC weatherman Al Roker's Superman costume — who knew that the man could deliver the weather and rescue ladies?

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