10 Saddest Looking Wedding Cakes Ever

On your wedding day, you rightfully expect perfection. Your wedding dress should make you feel as beautiful as you are. Your wedding flowers are vibrant. Your table centerpieces serve as the perfect accessory. And your wedding cake looks and tastes like a work of art.

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We are used to seeing gorgeous unique wedding cakes.Wedding cake ideas are inspired by the lives you and your partner lived as a couple. Wedding cakes are an art form — an edible art form for that matter. And for many brides, the wedding cake is just as important as the dress and bouquet on their big day. A wedding cake is not something that is simply eaten and forgotten; it makes a statement with how good it looks, how great it tastes, and it reflects the bride and groom as a couple.  We've seen everything from jaw-dropping wedding cakes to nerdy themed ones But no matter what people chose for their wedding cake style, it was beautifully constructed. Well, at least that's what we thought until we stumbled across these wedding cake disasters.

Through forums and internet scrounging, we found some of these most pathetic, saddest looking wedding cakes ever seen. These confections are melted, mushed and poorly decorated into an almost unrecognizable dessert.

While all these brides and grooms can do is laugh if a cake like this is rolled out on their wedding day, here are some of the saddest cakes we've ever had the misfortune of seeing.

Lincoln Logs
lincoln logs cake

When the bride requested a woodland, ethereal cake she probably wasn't expecting this. This sad cake looks like poorly built Lincoln Logs.

Purple People Eater

purple people eater

Granted, this is cake at one time was meant to look like three shiny black tires for an even possibly uglier cake, this strange cake just sort defines the notion of a sad wedding cake.

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