10 Reasons You'll Have More Fun Going Out On New Year's Eve

There are many good reasons for staying in on any other day of the week — it's too cold, you're tired after work, you don't want to spend money. New Year's Eve, however, is not a night for excuses. It's the last night of the year. Drink to it being over, celebrate the beginning of a new year beginning, or just use it as another night to spend with friends or family. What you shouldn't do on this day? Stay in and kick back on the couch.

It’s one last holiday party to enjoy

With New Year's being so close to Christmas, it's easy to still be in a festive mindset. Enjoy one last event to celebrate the end of the year before hitting the ground running again at work or school. Besides, you probably won't have work the next day, so you don't need to worry about getting home at a decent hour.

It’s an excuse to dress up

That dress in your closet you've never worn? The red velvet blazer? Time to break it out. Oftentimes, an excuse to dress up is reason enough to hit the town for celebrations. It's an excuse to get away from your usual wardrobe and outdated fashion rules and boost your confidence — what better way to start a new year? Ditch your everyday attire, and go for something that shimmers and sparkles.

Champagne toasts with your favorite people

This long-standing tradition dates back to nobles using the expensive libation for royal celebrations. Save the beers for game days and the wine for girls nights. New Year's Eve is the night for Champagne. Get the bubbly ready and gather your crew for a midnight toast to the passing of one year and the start of another. Don't forget to hydrate to avoid a champagne-induced hangover.

It doesn’t have to be a big-budget party

Spending a ton of money for a one-night celebration might not seem worth it, but that shouldn't be the only factor you consider when deciding whether to stay in or go out. There are lots of ways to keep costs low. Host a get together at a small venue rather than an overpriced rooftop bar, celebrate at the best local dive bar or go out and enjoy free events like fireworks or watching a ball drop.

You’re participating in a worldwide celebration

The clock strikes midnight in every country around the world, and some of those countries throw big parties to celebrate. Even though you might not get to see the fireworks over the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House in Australia; walk the New Year's Eve trail in Vienna; or dance on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, it's still fun knowing that all the people in those places are celebrating the same thing.

There are other options besides the NYC ball drop

Lots of cities have their own celebrations for the turning of the year. Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are just a few of the big cities to host New Year's fun with live music, fireworks and late-night parties. Opt for a city in a warmer climate or venture to a colder climate in hopes of some snowfall at the stroke of midnight.

Going out doesn’t have to mean celebrating in the cold

You don't have to stand outside for hours trying to catch a glimpse of a sparkling, light-up object dropping. Go to one of your favorite bars and watch it on TV from the warmth of a cozy booth while mingling with friends. Have some extra vacation time you need to spend? Airbnb a quaint cabin in a nearby town and make it a short getaway, ringing in the year somewhere new.

You can skip the midnight kiss

Don't let the common trope of the midnight kiss keep you at home. If you have one, great, if you don't — don't make it a goal. Instead, find a group of friends who are just looking for a good time with the people closest to them, not the ones in search of romance. Avoid small intimate parties of mostly couples, and opt to hang out with a larger group — you might meet some interesting people if you do.

Staying in can get boring

Sure, having nights in to relax and not spend a ton of money are great, but you can do that all year round. If your usual MO is ordering in pizza to eat on your couch until you fall asleep, switch it up on New Year's Eve.

You don’t have the same responsibilities as Christmas

Buying and wrapping gifts, and making it to all the work parties, white elephant gift swaps with friends and family get-togethers is a lot. New Year's Eve is just one night, and you can choose one place to celebrate it. All you have to worry about is picking an outfit and getting to your venue. Fewer responsibilities means there is more time for fun and less stress. If you're still on the fence, weigh your options for going out with these reasons you'll have more fun staying in to celebrate

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