10 Reasons to Eat Slower

Learn why you should take more time to eat (and enjoy) your meals


Wherever you are, take a look around you. If you're in a crowded area, you'll probably notice a few people eating in inappropriate places. One lady is juggling a briefcase and a bag of chips, another is bent over a computer screen frantically trying to reach deadline. They look frazzled, annoyed, and ready to pass out. Hardly anyone is sitting at a table or taking in each bite with fevered gratitude, and frankly, most of them look super rude in the process. The worst part of it? They are probably damaging themselves in the process of grabbing a quick meal-time fix.

With the world we live in operating on high-speed, you almost can't blame a person for not taking the time to eat slowly. How could they? With the evolution of technology, we are constantly plugged in and pressured to answer emails, phone calls, texts, and review reports at any given time. Eating is the ultimate multi-task activity, so naturally that is where the extra work time is squeezed in. Aside from missing out on quality meals, eating too quickly can cause an unbelievable amount of issues —from obesity to poor digestion. While they may seem like obvious repercussions, did you know that your mental health, social stability, and teeth are also at risk with every hastened bite you swallow?

When the world is telling you to go, go, go, your internal clock is telling you to stop and savor the flavors with these 10 reasons to eat slower.

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