10 Nerdy Wedding Cakes

It is totally hip to be a square in 2013. No longer do geeks have to live in fear of swirlies and wedgies — in this day and age we proudly tell everyone to let their freak flag fly. As a culture we are totally smitten with archetypes that were once shunned. If Ducky from Pretty in Pink or Russell from Sixteen Candles were roaming the halls of high schools today, Jake Ryan would be the one going to prom alone. With shows like the Big Bang Theory  infiltrating our TVs, it's clear we love these quirky, endearing characters that aren't afraid to be who they are.

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There is something undeniably sweet about bonding over counterculture interests, especially when it is with a potential life partner. Ask any Trekkie who discovered the love of their life also knew the ins and outs of the Starship Enterprise what it felt like and we guarantee their faces will light up like the galaxy. There is something to be said for couples who share a kindred nerdy spirit — it tends to identify a large part of who they are as a unit. Self-proclaimed "nerdy" couples are wearing their proverbial pocket protectors proudly and are shamelessly bringing those nerdier elements with them while they march down the aisle — especially in the form of cake. 

Geeks everywhere are saying "I do" to the beat of their own drum. From celebrated classic video game characters like Pac-Man to scenes from massive multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft, these ultimate symbols of epic geekiness are infiltrating bakeries everywhere. Check out how these couples chose symbols of nerdiness, like classic Nintendo paddles and adorable Mr. and Mrs. Dalek from Dr. Who, to represent their love.

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