10 Of The Messiest Recipes To Make Slideshow

To get a perfectly iced cake you need to precisely spread thick, sticky icing onto a moist, pliable cake. We know, it doesn't sound easy, and boy is it messy. Thankfully icing is good enough to lick right off your fingers. 

Breaded Chicken

There doesn't need to be much of an explanation for this one, but if you've never made breaded chicken before (or anything breaded, for that matter), it's done by coating the chicken in flour, then egg, and then the breadcrumbs. Just think about what happens when your fingers are coated in a few rounds of those ingredients. Enough said. 

Puréed Soup

If you've ever been able to safely and neatly transfer soup into a food processor to purée it, then we'd like to meet you and shake your hand. And yes, we've tried the hand blender; it still doesn't keep the soup from getting on our hands. 

Fried Chicken

Similar to breaded chicken, fried chicken involves a coating of a perfect storm of ingredients: gooey, wet, and dry ones. This recipe adds a double-whammy, though, because then you've got to fry the chicken, and any situation with a huge vat of oil is going to get messy — trust us. 


Start to finish, pizza is pretty darn messy. First there's making the fresh dough, and next is the marinara sauce, followed by the shredded cheese. By the end of it you've got flour in your hair, marinara sauce on your face, and pieces of shredded cheese stuck to your fingers. 


Unless you've invested in a large, long griddle, making bacon is going to require some skill, and unfortunately a mess. Separating those fatty slices out with a fork means putting your hands right in the line of fire of grease. 


Anything with layers usually equals a mess for us, but lasagna really gets us because of the combination of chunky, un-spreadable ricotta, red marinara sauce, and ground beef. We're always full from licking the combination off our fingers before the thing comes out of the oven. 

Anything with Minced Garlic In It

Unfortunately, a lot of dishes fall under this category, but if you've worked with garlic a lot then you probably agree that there's nothing more frustrating, pungent, and sticky as minced garlic stuck to the tips of your fingers. Touch anything without properly cleaning yourself of the mess and it'll reek of garlic for weeks. 


Other recipes using ground beef, like burgers and meatloaf,  are messy, too, but we consider meatballs one of the messiest recipes to make because you've got to touch that raw meat for every single, itty bitty ball. 


Pancakes come at a cost, because ladling that thick batter perfectly onto a greased griddle isn't always as easy as some television cooking host may make it look.