10 Low-Sodium Substitutes

Socks, buttons, and significant others: many things in life are (thankfully) replaceable. And as it turns out, the same can be true in the world of cooking, especially with high-sodium ingredients.

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Nine out of 10 Americans need to lower their sodium intake, and many more want to eat less prepared foods, so it's clear that eating healthy is a number-one priority for many people and is more important now than ever. Reducing sodium not only cuts some calories from your diet but helps lower your blood pressure, a leading cause of cardiovascular disease.

Thankfully, cutting sodium out of your diet is really not as challenging as you may think. Even better, there's ways to create flavor-substitutes that will satiate even the zaniest salt-craver's taste buds. Here we've gathered some of the biggest sodium culprits that you'd find on the grocery store shelves, and come up with creative substitutions to take their place. In other words, we're helping you dial back your salt intake while still enjoying your favorite recipes.