10 Grilling Tools Every Outdoor Cook Needs

The coals are becoming ashy, the marinades are marinating and the barbecue sauce is perfect. You have made plenty of ice, the cooler is full of cold drinks, and guests have started to arrive — the time to grill is near. Everything is in its place and the only things you need to make this backyard barbecue flawless are the correct tools. We have rounded up a few essential tools that will help you become master of the grill.

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Around grills or any kind of heat source, safety is always the most important thing. Remember that when you're grilling, it's important to not only pay attention to how the meat is cooking, but to watch children, animals, and party guests around the hot grill. What seems like an obvious danger to you may not be that obvious to someone else.

Tools also play a huge role in safety. The short tongs that you use for indoor cooking are fine for a quick sauté or grabbing crusty bread out of the oven, but they are too short for the grill. Long tongs protect your hands and arms from the heat while still rotating corn cobs perfectly.

After safety is taken care of, it's time to grill. To get the char just right, include some of these tools in your barbecue toolkit and you will be set to go!

Emily Jacobs contributed to this story