10 Great Games For New Year's Eve

To kick off the new year on the right foot, there are a couple of mandatory staples any host needs: a countdown, cocktails, and good company. You've got the drinks, perfect playlists, and your menu is full of decadent dishes, but there is one snag in the tapestry of a perfect party — what should you do until midnight?

Keeping your guests entertained before and after the ball drops can sometimes be a challenge for those who need a little more stimulation than a few (ha!) drinks and tasty treats. That's where games come in handy.

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Don't think of your overdone, typical board-game night. For an evening as special as New Year's Eve, guests should be entertained all night long with games tailored to please the crowd. Is your crew full of jokesters who love to be animated and wild? Games like Past Year Charades and Resolution Guessing games will definitely keep participants involved and interacting with each other. Keeping the kids up until midnight? A New Year's Eve party with a piñata is perfect for the tikes.

There are enough traditions and customs out there to last a lifetime of New Year's celebrations — maybe you believe in eating good-luck food or celebrating the evening ethnic-style. This year, start a new tradition by playing a game that guests will look forward to all year long. Test your wild side with our unique twists on classic favorites like Spin the Bottle and Pin the Kiss — they're sure to keep the rowdiest of crowds in check. Whichever games you choose, there is no denying that a new year filled with hope and opportunity has to be celebrated.

So pop the bubbly and pull up a seat. With these great games, the party just may never stop!

Click here for the 10 Great Games for New Years Slideshow. 

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