10 Cool Themed Parties for the New Year

Fabulous themed party ideas to help you ring in 2016 with a bang
New Year's Party


Make your New Year's party even more fun with these ideas.

Welcoming a new calendar year is like hitting the restart button. We say goodbye to last year’s trials and tribulations, and focus our energy on creating a positive experience for the months to come (or at least the next few days). And the occasion isn’t complete without a party, right?

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While some spend the night wandering the bustling streets of New York to admire the dropping ball in person, others buy tickets for over-the-top New Year’s bashes where everyone dresses to the nines and dances all night, and there is plenty of free-flowing champagne to go around. Both are fun, but expensive. On the other end of the spectrum, some elect to cuddle up on the couch, zone in and out of the beloved Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve special, and vow that next year they'll go out. But isn’t that, well, boring? This year, ring in the new year right by hosting a fabulous party at home — a themed extravaganza that you and your friends will never forget (and some unforgettable party games).

For friends who love to get silly, a decade party or a black-light party is the perfect way to ring in a goofy new year. For those who like simple elegance, host a black and white ball at home, or perhaps a sultry masquerade party. And even those who like to keep it calm and collected can have a seat around the fire at a bonfire party. Throwing any one of these fun and festive parties is sure to create fantastic first memories for 2015. 

Click here to see the 10 Cool Themed Parties for the New Year Slideshow.

This article originally published on December 21, 2011.

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