10 Foods You Didn't Know You Could Make With Crescent Rolls

These cute and quick foods are perfect for any party

Did you ever imagine that you could make caramel doughnuts from crescent rolls?

You could have the best DJ spinning, the coolest decorations hanging, and the most killer cocktails ever served, but if your party doesn’t have a great menu, it is a failure. When curating a party menu there are so many important factors to keep in mind. You want your dishes to be as decadent as they are artful.

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But as pretty and flavorful as you want your food to be, you want it to be easy too. After all, who wants to throw a party and waste time slaving over a stove all evening? Smart hosts know that turning to frozen or packaged goods for semi-homemade treats is the way to go if you are throwing a party in a pinch. The best part with this strategy is you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity. There are dozens of pre-made snacks that you may be surprised can create interesting and delicious appetizers. One of these amazing pre-packaged weapons in your party arsenal you may have foolishly overlooked? Pillsbury Crescent rolls.


These fluffy, dinner time pastry rolls are more than a quick-fix for an easy  bread basket. You can use these cold case products to help you make everything from desserts to easy enchiladas. A super-versatile ingredient, crescent rolls can help cooks at every level create delicious dishes without wasting an insurmountable amount of time. To help you make your next party a crescent success, we collected 10 easy, delicious, and unique recipes that deserve a spot on your party’s menu. Try making some of these great recipes at your next soiree.