10 Foods That Keep Your Energy Up

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We're always on the go — whether it's packing the kids up for school, hitting the gym, or just getting through a project at work — and we constantly rely on high levels of energy to get through it all. Yet no matter how many cups of coffee we've had, there are times when we feel lethargic and at a loss for what we're looking for. In order to get through our busy and hectic schedules, it's important to turn to the right sources of energy, and not the high-sugar and caffeinated drinks that we usually depend on.

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We know that food is our fuel, but there are specific foods that are great at keeping us energized. Protein-packed foods like kale, rolled oats, and beans are great for providing you with energy all throughout the day, and they carry additional health benefits, too. In addition to foods that can give you energy, there are certain things you should eat because they're great for helping to unlock energy in other foods. For example, did you know that you'll become lethargic faster from lack of water than you would from lack of food? Or that we digest Greek yogurt slowly, so it's great for supplying long-lasting energy?

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Camilla Saulsbury, food writer and health expert extraordinaire, knows the importance of keeping up her energy. While, professionally, she's an endurance sports trainer, she now considers herself an endurance trainer for a different kind of sport — motherhood and marriage. Saulsbury knows that most of us have a budget and schedule to live by, so she devised a power food plan that is simple to execute, tastes great, and gets rid of any junky additives that come from store-bought energy bars. Her new cookbook, Power Hungry, set to release in early September, is filled with practical and delicious energy recipes that utilize natural ingredients exactly how they're meant to be used, as our fuel.

These power bars are great to keep in your recipe box and to whip up on a Sunday night so you're set for the week. And along with sharing her recipes, Saulsbury shared a list of 10 of her favorite energy-supplying foods with The Daily Meal, because eating for energy isn't just about knowing which foods to eat, but about understanding why and how these foods work the way they do. Through 10 simple ingredients that are easy to keep on hand, Saulsbury helps us understand that, in addition to her terrific power bar recipes, there are stress-free ways to boost your energy with food. Simple things like frozen chopped kale, pea protein, and quick brown rice are easy and convenient to add to your meals to make sure you're getting enough energy — and it all starts with understanding why. And when you start feeling super energetic, give her delicious power bar recipes a try, too.   

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