10 Foods That Burn Fat

Spring is almost here, which means that many of you are getting ready for your warm-weather and body-bearing clothes. If you are hoping to lose weight and show off your long lean muscles this spring, in addition to hitting the gym and doing yoga, make sure to stock your fridge with foods that burn fat.

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Is there really such a thing as fat-burning food? Well, of course there is — we've compiled a whole list for you. But really, when you dig around and do some research, a food that actually burns fat seems to be more of a myth. There actually is some truth, however, behind the science as to why this catchy "food burning" phrase was coined.

It is true that foods do indeed have qualities that require more energy to digest. Others stimulate certain hormones that cause the metabolism to speed up. And still others cause changes to our body temperature, which requires more energy to maintain to where it needs I be.  

So, while fat burning food doesn't seem to really exist, you can certainly work foods into your diet that may help you consume fewer and burn more calories, while also speeding up your metabolism.

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