10 Foods That Are Harmful For Your Teeth

Most of us are aware that good hygiene practices can help improve overall dental health. But maintaining healthy hygiene may not be all that is necessary to improve the longevity of your teeth. According to a new study known as The ESCARCEL Study, one-third of adults between the ages of 18 and 35 show some form of acid erosion.

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Dr. Debra Glassman is a dental practitioner and expert on enamel erosion and teeth health. She also promotes Pronamel, a line of dental products designed to help protect and maintain strong enamel. "The enamel is the outer layer of your teeth that is being worn away by the acidic environment in your mouth." Explains Dr. Glassman, "Acid erosion occurs when there is a wearing away of the enamel surface."

Many foods that promote general health are highly acidic foods, such as most fruits and vegetables. While Dr. Glassman does not promote the removal of these items from your diet, it is important to be aware of the effect these foods may have on your teeth. "In my practice I have patients that live to be 100," says Dr. Glassman. "I have one patient that is 107, and of course we want them to keep their teeth for the rest of their lives."

Dr. Glassman notes that there are several helpful ways to improve your chance of preventing acid erosion. "It's important to know the things that we can do to decrease the risk of acid erosion in our mouth. For starters, drink through a straw. This will allow the liquids to go down without bathing your teeth. This decreases the acidic environment around the enamel. Secondly, be sure to drink water after meals, this decreases the risk of acid erosion. Lastly, always floss and brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste."

While a diet full of fruits and vegetables is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, it is also important to take into account the acidity of the foods that you consume. Click on the slideshow to see the ten foods that are harmful for your teeth. With a little bit of planning and following Dr. Glassman's guidelines, you can maintain healthy teeth and strong enamel for many years to come.