10 Extreme Weddings

Getting married has never been more exhilarating

And you thought the commitment was the scary part!

Getting married is often referred to as "taking the plunge" or "making a leap of faith," and for some couples that's exactly what the wedding is all about — plunging and leaping, running far distances, or walking very slowly across a tightrope.

The brides may be wearing white and the grooms may have pre-"I do" jitters, but there’s not much else about these extreme weddings that’s typical. These couples braved snowstorms, deep water, hazardous heights, and other adrenaline-rushing scenarios with one goal: to get married in a big, bold way.

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While most weddings are standard fare — ceremony, reception, dinner, and dancing — many of these extreme weddings are without frills and fuss. Consider the underwater wedding complete with scuba gear and flippers, the endurance runners saying "I do" while completing a marathon, bride and groom hunters posing for their wedding photos with their weapons, and a couple scrambling to say their vows despite a blizzard that dumped lots of snow on their wedding day.

Most of these thrill-seeking couples exchanged vows under circumstances that most would consider downright crazy. While these ceremonies are exciting, there’s also the fear of the unknown and something going wrong. After all, no one wants to get married on a mountain and then need to be rescued, right? But for the brides and grooms living these extreme realities, over-the-top weddings are risks worth taking. These tense and exhilarating events are just extensions of how they live their lives.

Read on to see how brides and grooms test their limits and their love in extreme weddings. Would you ever get hitched in an extreme way?


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