10 Easy Grilled Dessert Recipes

Slide over those burgers on the grill to make room for dessert.  Desserts on the grill?  Oh yes — our post-dinner dishes like fruits and cakes are already delicious, but grilling them makes them even more irresistible. A grill doesn't have to be reserved for just the savory courses. The open flame is a fantastic way to bring out the sweet flavors of some of your favorite desserts, whether it's fruit, pound cakes, or donuts.

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The grill can be your best friend during the summer. It's basically your outdoor oven. Desserts brown just as nicely as they would in a regular oven (as long as you have a cover) and cast-iron pans do the best job when cooking on the grill.

It's not difficult to do, either. By using simple, store-bought ingredients and pairing them with fresh fruit and herbs, your favorite desserts take on a whole new and delicious flavor profile, and become a welcomed addition to the regular hot dogs and burgers that are on your barbecue menu. The best part? Most of the work, if not all, can be done ahead. 

To get you inspired to start grilling your desserts, we have 10 delicious recipes for you to try. Traditional ones, like Campfire Skillet S'mores, and new ones, like a warm, rustic Black Cherry Clafouti, can all be done outdoors right on your grill. Stay out of the hot kitchen this summer, and start making your desserts on the grill.