10 Easy DIY Arrangements That You Can Eat

In the past, you've seen some extremely creative ideas for centerpieces. Whether at a themed party or an extravagant shower, tables were accented with just the right flower or kitschy object to set the mood perfectly. After being wowed by the atmosphere, you dug right into the delicious food, tasting to your heart's content. And like any truly successful party should, it had you talking about the food.

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The worlds of art and food have a long, intertwined history together. The Egyptians painted food on the walls of their tombs, believing it would nourish them in the after life. The Greek and Roman empires prided themselves on the realistic portrayal of food in artwork, a mark of their vast wealth and generous hospitality. Across the globe, there are competitions dedicated to ornately carving fruits and vegetables. Today, we have TV programs that celebrate not only the quality of food, but also its presentation. From appreciating of still life to enjoying a colorful plate, we find food comforting and appeasing all at once.

For your next big shindig, why not combine these worlds easily and elegantly with an edible display that doubles as hors d'oeuvres and a centerpiece? With a little help from Pinterest, we've gathered ideas from white chocolate-dipped strawberries that act as a gorgeous bridal dress to potted dirt cake centerpieces for your next garden party. These easy DIY decorations will dazzle your guests' stomachs and their eyes.