10 Dos And Don'ts Of Outdoor Weddings

Most engagement stories begin after a late-night walk on the beach or on a park bench surrounded by beautiful wildflowers. There is nothing more natural than choosing to live life with your loved one, so why not call on nature to be part of your big day?

Take a Cue From These Tips When Planning Your Outdoor Wedding!

Couples often think of outdoor weddings and envision a series of traumatic events: intense downpours, melted makeup and sunburnt guests, spoiled food, and unmowed lawns. Granted, any of these variables are possible, but all weddings (indoor or out) require you to master the balancing act of extreme preparedness and true flexibility. And outdoor weddings can be an easy way to incorporate all of the things you find most romantic.

Beach lovers will swoon over seashell d├ęcor, while farm folk will love serving perfectly paired fall cocktails. Suddenly, you begin to envision beautiful spring centerpieces and gorgeous summer palettes rather than dresses covered in mud and wind ruining your pictures.

Now, before you get too excited, hosting an outdoor wedding requires lots of work. For couples who like to plan and love creativity, choosing to exchange vows by the sunset or under the stars may be the perfect way to start your forever. But you must be sure that you, your guests, and your bridal party are completely comfortable and won't go without during your big day.

It's the details, from renting the right tent to planning for permits, that will make your day flawless. Follow this list of dos and don'ts to ensure you that all of your bases are covered and that your outdoor celebration will be a success.

This article was originally published on May 20, 2013.