10 DIY Wedding Food Stations

It's no secret: weddings are expensive. Reuters reported that the cost of an average wedding hit $27,021 last year. But with the recent economic downturn leaving many young adults unemployed or underemployed, millennials wishing to tie the knot have been forced to get creative. Thus, the rise of the "Do-It Yourself," or DIY, wedding. DIY provides much more flexibility for couples wishing to cut the costs of their nuptial celebrations, allowing spouses-to-be to create their own decorations, entertainment, or even food. The possibilities are endless: substitute an iPod playlist for a hired DJ, up-cycle thrift-store purchases into gorgeous decorative elements, or even buy flowers in bulk to arrange your own bouquets.

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Unless you happen to be a pair of professional chefs, catering is often the most challenging element for brides and grooms on a budget to tackle themselves. In addition to planning a menu and searching for high-quality yet cost-effective ingredients, self-catering your own wedding presents many logistical challenges on the day of the event. Unless one has tons of friends and family members willing to forgo the guest experience in favor of slaving away in a kitchen or waiting tables at the wedding, perhaps the biggest challenge is determining who will plate and serve the food. 

Creating "build-your-own" bars is a fun way to let your guests serve themselves when it's time to eat. Guests can assemble their own meals, choosing from a variety of different flavor combinations. We've compiled a list of our favorite ways to give your guests a fun and tasty brunch, cocktail hour, dinner, dessert, or even late-night snack on your wedding day, with a build-your-own bar. The best part? You can DIY any of these delicious spreads! Get your food prep out of the way a few days ahead of time or the night before, arrange it the day of, and enjoy a fun wedding-day meal with your nearest and dearest.