10 Diet Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Let's face it, if you're reading this web site, you live to eat rather than eat to live. And in ways, that is great. Food has long been a celebration of culture and happiness, and is a big part of everyone's life. The problem occurs when the enjoyment of food turns into overindulgence and doesn't leave you feeling good about yourself or what you ate.

Even if you've eaten well during the week by packing your lunches and cooking dinner at home, social situations arise where your control is put to the test. Not that a treat is bad — in fact, it's important to indulge, but it has to be when you're in control and feeling good about the decision. 

The fact is, most situations pose the potential to overeat — almost every activity and celebration involves a heaping pile of glorious food. Watching TV, attending a party, and even simply spending time with friends are often centered on food.

With the holidays just ending, a resolution to get fit and healthy can easily dissipate after a few weeks of being tested. But knowing where these food danger zones are and the tricks to avoid common pitfalls just might save you from the weight gain you're trying to avoid this new year.

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