10 Celebrity Party Disasters Slideshow

"Real Housewife" Peggy Tanous: The Crying Guest

Peggy Tanous, cast member of the Real Housewives of Orange County, invited her fellow housewives to enjoy a finely cooked meal by celebrity chefs Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken of Border Grill. Guests were less than classy, especially Alexis Bellino, who ruined the dinner by crying in the bathroom without excusing herself or explaining the situation.

What you can learn: Since it was not her party, Bellino didn't have the right to cry if she wanted to. When dealing with a dramatic guest, the best strategy is to keep calm. Defusing the situation will only happen if you can keep your cool. Keep in mind that there are other guests to tend to so be empathetic but firm. Stick as closely to your schedule as possible, and if the guest gets too out of hand, call them a cab and kindly ask them to leave.

P. Diddy: Inviting Too Many People

Whether it is the celebratory launch of an album or a random third Tuesday of the month, P. Diddy is known for throwing the hottest parties. However, at the release party for his album "Last Train to Paris," he took that reputation literally. Jamming 200 people into the posh London NYC penthouse and enhancing the ambience with candles proved to be a terrible combination after a model’s hair caught on fire, according to the NY Post.

What you can learn: P. Diddy's guest list included star-studded attendees, from Usher to Fabolous, but getting a handle on the invite list is crucial. Though it may sound harsh, coming up with an "A list" that gets invited first and a "B list" to fill in for those who decline can keep the amount of guests manageable.

Eva Longoria: Unsafe Party Venue

A birthday bash ended with a crash at Eva Longoria's contemporary Spanish restaurant Beso, when a customer slipped on an allegedly wet floor. Luiza Boyadjian, the birthday girl, claimed that she suffered major physical injuries due to the fall and made plans to sue Longoria's establishment for $25,000.

What you can learn: It’s the host’s duty to make sure the conditions are safe at your party. However, everyone should have a first aid kit on hand to help a fallen friend. If the guest is badly hurt, see to it that they receive proper attention.

Lady Gaga: The Guest Who Gets Too Drunk

Lady Gaga is never one to stifle a rambunctious attitude, but sometimes her guests are too wild for even her. Reportedly, after singer Adam Lambert (pictured) showed up on the coattails of The Scissor Sisters at her 25th birthday at La Cita in Los Angeles, he stood on tables and attempted to smear cake in the songstresses' face. Eventually, Gaga asked security to escort him out, leaving her to return to her birthday celebration.

What you can learn: On occasion, people show up to a party already tanked, but chances are higher that they got this rowdy progressively throughout the night. The host has to keep a clear enough head themselves to determine when someone has had enough. Subtly put on a pot of coffee and offer it to the group, including the rowdy guest, or pass around food to take the focus off the alcohol. If the guest becomes totally uncontrollable, call a taxi and arrange for them to safely head home.

Paris Hilton: The Guest Who Steals

After a party-crasher, self-dubbed "Paz," got into Paris Hilton's 30th birthday party, he proceeded to steal her cake. The $3,200 confection was infused with Lucid-brand absinthe and was designed to fit her Moulin Rouge theme.

What you can learn: If you find out that a guest even if its one that you know has betrayed your trust by stealing, contact the person as soon as possible in order to speak to them privately. Ask first before accusing, but mention that you will be filing a police report.

Katy Perry: The Host Gets Hurt

When Katy Perry "put her hands up" to dance the night away, she ended up falling down with some painful consequences. The singer needed 17 stitches to heal a gash on her leg. Despite the painful spill, Perry tweeted to her fans, asking that they not make fun of her dance moves as she continued with her tour, performing while sporting a skin-colored bandage.

What you can learn: Take a cue from the California Girl herself: The show must go on! If the injury does not need serious medical assistance, use that handy aforementioned first aid kit, fix yourself up, and continue with the evening. Have a second-in-command that friend or family member who came early to help set up so that if the accident does require medical attention, they can take the party reins, and you can make an inconspicuous departure. Practicing safety in the kitchen is a sure way to avoid disaster, so read up on using a safe chopping method and how to avoid everyday kitchen dangers.

Chloë Moretz: Your Guests Trash the Venue

As the star of Kickass and Hugo, Chloë Moretz was given the special honor of viewing the preserved version of Breakfast at Tiffany's for her 13th birthday at Paramount Studios. The lucky teen was also allowed to invite 30 of her closest friends to enjoy this historic moment with her. Sadly, her friends didn’t find the moment quite as special, and took the opportunity to trash the studios while disrupting the film. Moretz reportedly apologized profusely, and cleaned up the studios herself to make up for her friends’ poor actions.

What you can learn: It can be hard to imagine your closest friends and family not understanding how important an event is to you. So, if you’re hosting a specific type of party, invite people who will appreciate the theme or main event. After all, what fun is a themed party if all of your friends think they’re too cool for it anyway?

Heather Mills: Natural Disasters

Torrential downpours take no prisoners — and celebrities are hardly immune. Paul McCartney’s ex-wife, Heather Mills, had a 40th birthday that was supposed to be an intimate celebration amongst friends, but guests were surprised to find her home draped in a tarp after heavy rains and a leaky roof caused the house's top floors to flood.

What you can learn: If guests arrive in the midst of disaster, don't panic. Consider moving the party to a different location. If the house is damaged, turn your party into a backyard affair or vice versa. However, keep a close watch on the weather in the days and hours leading up to the event. If it takes a dangerous turn, it’s better just to cancel the party.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears: Guests Have a Confrontation

After breaking up in March 2002, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake supposedly had an emotionally charged reunion when they arrived at the same club to party. Reportedly, the former couple argued after Spears saw him dancing with then-girlfriend Jenna Dewan. When the bickering calmed down, the two took it to the dance floor and allegedly started a "dance-off" that lasted for 90 awkward minutes.

What you can learn: Inviting two ex-lovers can be like personally inviting drama to your door. Diffuse any potential problems by politely informing your guest that their ex may attend. When there, make sure that the former pair mingle with large sets of unbiased people to ensure a tension-free night.

Michael Fassbender: A Host Who Misbehaves

The star of Shame, Michael Fassbender, became a handful during the premiere party for A Dangerous Method at London's Mayfair. Apparently, he forced his uncomfortable costars Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortenson to waltz around the room with him, played the piano, attempted to kick a photographer, and flipped off the paparazzi. After lighting a cigarette indoors, Fassbender was photographed being carried out through the back by a friend.

What you can learn: Many hosts commit the common party foul of enjoying their own festivities a little too much. A good host has a great time at their own party, but stays in control to keep guests comfortable. Hosts should handle any other obstacles that may get in the way of their guests’ good time. If you are the guest and notice this happening, try to pull the host aside and speak with him or her privately.